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Hypnosis For Weight Loss & Exercise Motivation

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The Healthy & Natural Weight Loss Program starts by changing your eating habits by changing your attitudes about food and exercise at the subconscious level. 

Unlike diets that rely on deprivation, hypnosis changes the way you think so the habits that are keeping you at your current weight dissolve easily and are replaced by new healthier habits.


Each hypnosis session is customized specifically for the individual. Hypnotic suggestions can include eliminating: specific foods, over-eating, emotional eating, snacking, evening eating. All hypnosis sessions include exercise motivation, confidence, stress reduction, and positive body image.

From there we continue to work with both the conscious and subconscious using a combination of coaching, education, hypnosis, and NLP. Instead of talking about calorie restriction, you will easily manage your conscious thoughts and emotions as they relate to food. We will deepen your commitment and planning skills.  We will dive into consciously creating good habits that you enjoy and support your weight loss. We will also look at the excuses you are using that are getting in the way of your weight loss, why you are overeating, and any beliefs you have formed that are getting in your way.

As we progress, and new issues or limiting beliefs come to light, these issues will be addressed at the subconscious level, through hypnosis, and your mind will create significant, lasting change.  We will also do “future-proofing” that is customized to your needs. For example, if you are a stress eater we will address that. If you tend to gain weight when in a relationship, we will address that, and so forth.


Successful, sustainable weight loss begins in the mind and then shows up in the body.

When you have cultivated a healthy body image and healthy weight mindset, then losing the weight you want comes easily and naturally. The yo-yo stops and you don’t think about food or your figure as much as you used to because you feel good and aren’t obsessing about your weight any longer. You love yourself, feel good in your skin, and lose weight easily and naturally.


Top 3 Healthy & Natural Weight Loss Program Questions:



How many sessions does it take?

Weight Loss is one of the more complex issues because there are many areas we will need to address. Most clients notice changes after the very first session. Because we know it takes at least 6 weeks for the brain to make lasting neurological and chemical changes – which its what we want – the Healthy & Natural Weight Loss Program is a minimum of 6 weekly, or bi-weekly sessions. If we decide you need a few more sessions to get optimal results,  we may decide to continue to work together for a few more sessions.


How much does it cost?

One session at a time = $185
Prepay for three sessions = $510 (save $45)
Prepay for six sessions = $1,020 (save $90)


Will it work for me?

Hypnosis can work for everyone to varying degrees. For weight loss, it is important that you listen to the recording of your session on a daily basis while we are working together and then as needed for periodic reinforcement.


By the way, I have a satisfaction pledge. 

No hypnotist can guarantee your success. But what I can do is pledge to be a professional and give you a high level of service. If you’re not completely satisfied at the end of the first session, then I’ll refund 100% of your money. Just tell me you’re not satisfied before you leave my office, and I will refund all your money on the spot.  (You’re Welcome!)


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