EP #6: How to Think About Your Body

Have you ever let the number of the scale determine how you feel about your body? Do you ever look in the mirror and think negative thoughts about your body shape or size? If so, then this episode is for you. Today, I’ll explain how your thoughts and patterns of thinking about your weight and your body are making you unhappy and stuck in unhelpful patterns of behavior.  Then I share a couple of ways you can change your thinking so you feel better and get different results. If you are tired of the emotional hangover from hating on your body, listen up and let me help you!

In This Episode, You Will Discover

  1. The real reason most people want to lose weight.

  2. How your THOUGHTS about your body are just an opinion.

  3. How the number on the scale isn’t telling you the full story.

  4. The connection between your thinking habits and your eating.

  5. What you need to DO or THINK differently in order to Love Your Body.

In This Episode, You Will Discover

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Candace Avila