How Celebrities Use Hypnosis to Advance their Career and Improve their Life

We’re used to seeing photos of celebrities taken by paparazzi in magazines or online. They’re often captured doing normal, everyday things like pumping their gas, going out for lunch, or playing with their children at the park.

However, there is so much more that celebrities do that goes unseen. Today, I want to focus on celebrities who have used hypnosis. While the reasons for each celebrity using hypnosis varies, each turned to hypnosis for resolutions on life situations or challenges they were trying to overcome. Many celebrities have used hypnosis to help them quit smoking, to lose weight, to help them overcome a fear, or simply to help them better themselves.

Celebrities who Used Hypnosis for Anxiety and/or Fear

All of us are familiar with those creeping anxieties and fears that hold us back from living a life that is free and content. No matter what your particular fears are, hypnosis provides a way for you to help calm your mind and move past the irrational fear. Hypnosis allows people to move past whatever is holding them back from living the life they want to. For celebrities, they are not immune to these fears. From getting over the fear of flying to getting over the fear of stage fright (yes, some celebrities have stage fright!), many notable celebrities have used hypnosis to help them move past their anxieties and/or fears.

Kevin Bacon

Image courtesy of  Mental Floss

Image courtesy of Mental Floss

Perhaps most popular for his role in “Footloose” and many other dramas, Kevin Bacon found himself dealing with insomnia. After nights spent lying awake, Kevin turned to hypnosis to help get a handle on insomnia.

Eva Mendes

Image courtesy of the  Today Show

Image courtesy of the Today Show

This popular actress, model, and businesswoman is known for her confidence and talent. When she found she could not overcome her fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, she turned to hypnosis to help her overcome it.

Florence Henderson

Image courtesy of  CNN

Image courtesy of CNN

Now deceased, Florence Henderson portrayed the famous mother Mrs. Brady on “The Brady Bunch.” When she found herself dealing with fears of flying and of stage fright, she turned to hypnosis. She actually later became a trained hypnotherapist, too!

Mel B

Image courtesy of  NY Post

Image courtesy of NY Post

This former Spice Girl was opening a new performance, “Peepshow,” in Vegas in 2009. However, she found herself dealing with stage fright and worried about remembering the lyrics or dance moves. Hypnosis allowed her to conquer these fears and win back her confidence.

Celebrities who Used Hypnosis for Weight Loss

For many, weight loss can be a tough battle to win. There are so many varying factors that go into the success of weight loss, but hypnosis can help. Both celebrities and everyday people have turned to hypnosis to help them calm their undesired cravings, make more sensible choices, prevent them from overeating, and create a more positive relationship with exercise. Just like what I share with my clients, hypnosis for weight loss is healthy and natural. It works at the subconscious level to help change habits and attitudes about food and exercise so that they can be replaced by healthier habits.

Olivia Munn

Image courtesy of  Fox News

Image courtesy of Fox News

While she originally was seeing a hypnotherapist to help her battle Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), this actress and model found hypnosis allowed her another type of relief also. After learning that she wasn’t exercising, her hypnotherapist worked with her to help her develop a passion for exercise, which she now does every day.


Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

A former Black Eyed Peas member, this bold and confident singer and songwriter turned to hypnosis to help her stick to a healthy diet and make more sensible choices when it came to food.

Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Another example of using hypnosis to help replace bad habits – many people find success with using hypnosis to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes gives smokers the nicotine they crave, making it extremely challenging to give up. Many fail at quitting when they attempt it on their own because it is such a tough habit to break. Since these triggers and cravings are found in the subconscious, hypnosis helps to work at that level also, except replacing the positive attributes with the negative attributes of smoking. Hypnosis has helped many celebrities by removing the cravings they had for cigarettes and helping them fight the urges.

Ellen DeGeneres

Image courtesy of  Tube Filter

Image courtesy of Tube Filter

This popular talk show host and comedian actually took her hypnosis public by sharing her session on her show. She credits hypnosis with helping her quit her smoking habit.  

Matt Damon

Image courtesy of  Gold Derby

Image courtesy of Gold Derby

After a 16-year smoking habit, Matt Damon used hypnosis to help him quit. On an appearance on The Tonight Show, he said, “I should have done it years ago. It’s amazing.”


Image courtesy of  Billboard

Image courtesy of Billboard

After smoking 20 cigarettes a day, Adele knew it was time to quit. She turned to hypnotherapy and was successful in quitting.

Drew Barrymore

Image courtesy of  Today

Image courtesy of Today

This well-known actress found herself at a place in her life where she was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. She utilized hypnosis to help her kick this habit.

Celebrities deal with the same issues many people find themselves dealing with on a daily basis. These celebrities turned to hypnosis to see results and help them move past the obstacles, fears, and habits that were holding them back by utilizing hypnosis.

If you are ready to improve your life or overcome a bad habit book your first call today!

Candace Avila